Friday, January 30, 2009


The first junk food I had ever eaten was a packet of crisp with Star Wars icons as the front illustration. Inside was a Tazo – a thin, round –shaped plastic chip with certain characters of Star Wars printed on it. Its back was white in color with the famous Star Wars tag tinted neatly at the center. The round outline, in fact, has a number of small short cleavages that pinch to the centre of the tazo. In a pack would be two of them. So, every time we go to ASDA, our regular place for shopping, I must grab one.

It was a great pleasure to gain more tazos that fits onto one another by means of its cleavage. I put enough guts to collect the small tazos to a great number so I could build up a car model from them – that was too much of an imagination, but a six year old kid would never mind.

It happened to be that one day, at school, this particular guy of my age asked me to play black magic with him. I had no idea what that Black Magic game was, but it sounds kinda tempting. ‘If you win, you’ll get my tazo, he promised. I, at that time, am too keen to earn as much tazos as I can, so I agreed without any hesitation. I could never remember how the game was, but all I knew was before I could put any guts on the game, I suddenly had lost to this freaking guy. Abruptly, my tazo was already in his hand. And, all of a sudden I realized I had a hole on my tazo count. Instantaneously, I made a beeline to the classroom and lodged a report to Mr. John, one of my teachers in Standard 2. He could do nothing except shaking his old head. So, there was me pleading for justice. Yet, I had never earned back the piece of tazo I lost.

This black magic game, I discovered later on, is a type of gambling. Err…gambling – why should I cross the religion’s line? Well, what does a six year old, grown – up – in – England boy knows about? (=_=)”

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